Native Issues

American Indians and Alaska Natives are recognized along with the States in the US Constitution. If you believe in States sovereignty and basic American government ideals, then you also acknowledge the protected rights of the “Indian Tribes” per Article 1, Section 8. Acknowledgement of these rights guaranteed to Tribes is critical for effective collaboration to address issues and concerns between Alaska, Alaska Native Tribes, and the Federal Government. My Party stands on the principles of self-determination and personal freedom to live our lives without the limiting shackles of government which come in many different forms.

Alaskan Natives share these same values and understand how damaging, controlling and overbearing government can be. Government promotes dependence and mandates itself to take care of “people”. We must resist this temptation, because government should be a last resort, not a first resource. Nothing can replace freedom and liberty. We have to work as partners in addressing issues such as economic development, substance abuse, domestic violence, subsistence and education that are so important to Alaska Natives and their communities.

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