Federal Overreach

The federal government is over-regulating the people and the economy through Administrative actions to the extent that we must ask if we have representative government anymore. We are, in effect, regulating our liberties away.

Executive overreach is a big problem for millions of Americans.  It is unacceptable that we feel powerless in our own homes or that our personal destiny is in the hands of others.  Too many in government believe they know what is best for us.

When un-elected bureaucrats prevent “We the People” from honest work, this is a problem.  When hairdressers can’t open their own business without paying some agency tens of thousands of dollars in fees, this is a problem.  When property owners are forbidden from doing something productive with their land, this is a problem, and when children are prevented from an excellent standard of education, this is a problem. It is our responsibility to make decisions about our families, our lives, and our jobs.  Not some un-elected official in D.C.

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