Only Individuals Have Rights:

Too many times politicians speak of “State’s Rights” while railing at the over reach of larger  governmental entities.  “State’s Rights” is not mentioned in the US or Alaska constitution.  Ultimately, inalienable rights belong to the individual citizen, and no other entity.  Not federal government, not state government, nor any business or corporate entity.  Coercion by larger governmental entities is still coercion.  Insomuch as individuals do not infringe on another’s life, liberty, or property governement at any level does not have the right to interfere.

Veterans Benefits:

When our soldiers fight for our freedoms – we need to keep our promises and fight for their benefits.

STOP Runaway Spending:

In the past two years the state legislature has engaged in severe deficit spending, in the process draining $6 billion of the $17 billion in state savings that existed in 2012.  The University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), the state’s think tank, has predicted at the current rate of state spending Alaska “does not have enough cash in reserves to avoid a severe fiscal crunch soon after 2023, and with that fiscal crisis will come an economic crash.”  What can we expect when the state reaches that point?  Again to quote ISER, the “institution of a broad based [sales or income] tax and use of a portion of the earnings of the Permanent Fund,” in other words, taxes and a reduction in your PFD.

My opponent in this district voted for each of those budgets and, in fact, for amendments that would have increased spending even beyond those levels and thus, for an even a deeper raid on your future PFD.

I commit to working to change the downward spiral the state is on while there is still time, by voting against any future spending in excess of sustainable levels and for the immediate transfer of the remaining $11 billion in the state’s savings accounts into the Permanent Fund where it will be protected by the state constitution from further government raid.  And, I will not join any legislative caucus which limits my ability to make those crucial votes.  Just as we do as families, Alaska needs to learn to live within its means and stop the raid on our economic future, including on our future PFD’s.  Any other approach heads us toward an economic train wreck.”

Individual Liberties:

The passage of the Patriot Act shortly after 2011’s terroist attack tipped a delicate balance. Recent revelations should give citizens grave concerns over our own government’s covert spying activities against its own citizens.

Alaskans are not protected from surveilance by the NSA’s spying network. Drone technology in Alaska may be used to surveil you and your property.  Alaskans do not have the right to freely navigate all waters in Alaska without restriction.  Our individual liberties have been eroded.  Alaskan law enforcement will not protect your individual rights against federal over reach.

Alaskans needs a legislator who will review these questions and work to restrict our government’s spying activities against its own citizens.

Free Market Solutions:

History tells us that the greatest innovations of our civilization have come when citizens are free to create and challenge the status quo.  Currently, state and federally protected monopolies restrict our ability to create.  We need our government to promote creativity with less regulation.

An example of bad law is where the interests of the commercial halibut fishing industry is currently taking precident over the individual sports industry serving individual Alaskans. I assert the fisheries resources of this state belong to the individuals of Alaska and individual Alaskans should have priority.


Education is the foundation we set for our children to enjoy the increased opportunities of gainful employment in Alaska. Few issues are as important, yet Alaska is letting our students down – Mountain View, Airport Heights, Williwaw, Tyson Elementary and Clark Middle school have all received a failing grade for the last 4 years. We must demand improvement and results for all students and be able to consider all options. I believe in accountability for education spending. Alaska’s education costs are the highest in the nation, yet we are last place in 4th grade reading scores and rank 39th overall compared to the other 50 states. We are currently spending $470,000 per classroom and much of this expense is funding items which have nothing to do with “direct educational contact,” A vast expendature is inflated administration costs with very little accountability. This is unacceptable. Reforming education will require us to think outside the box and consider students of all ages. I will work for greater vocational training opportunities for students headed into the workforce; Only 18% are college-bound. Education MUST reflect reality. We must serve the individual needs of each student, not the perpetuation of the institution.

Do you support the Federal Template of “Common Core” on our students? I don’t!

Some promote “Great Alaskan Schools” I promote “Great Alaskan Students.”

Is Alaska Equal With Other States?

Currently the US government is in breech of our “Statehood Compact.”  We did not enter the union on equal footing with other states.  We do not have the ability as a sovereign state to develop our economy without federal interferance. The federal government does not promote our economic independence.  The EPA and it’s restrictions are not serving our economic interests.  All while the federal government ranks first as the largest polluter in Alaska. I assert we can do it better.  Alaskans have always managed our lands better than Washington DC.

Fish and Game Resources:

At statehood, Alaska was given jurisduction of all the fish and game of this state. Since statehood, the federal government has violated this agreement. Additionally, state government does not communicate effectively with Alaskan natives regarding this resource, and, as a consequence, natives look toward the federal government for support. I believe it is in the better interests of this great state to assert our exclusive right to these resources and to open honest dialogue with natives regarding the management of these resources as Alaskans, without interference from the federal government. Additionally, it is Alaska’s responsibility to maintain the resource of the sea surrounding Alaska both in management and yield.


You cannot speak of a stable economy without addressing the most fundamental aspect of land ownership – which is the private ownership of land. Currently less than 1% of Alaska is privately owned.  I stand for the immediate distribution of all federal land to the State except for the narrow constraints mentioned within the federal constitution and an aggressive distribution of land conveyed to the citizens through homesteading deeds. Alaskans must demand freedom to own land. Free markets are the cornerstone of free individuals to develop an economy based on supply and demand, not the selective regulation of government. Free economies generate money, government spends money.

Resource Development:

Alaska was built on its natural resources. Along with my friends and neighbors, I love Alaska’s outdoors and the bounty our state provides. I support responsible development in oil and gas, mining, forestry and fisheries. I look forward to the jobs that intelligent development will provide for all.

I will promote energy security and affordability by advancing a natural gas pipeline which benefits all Alaskans.